Home Again (And Again)!

Saturday, April 25, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

Chris was released from the hospital yesterday and is doing okay.  We're just keeping our fingers crossed that this is it and he can be on his way to a full recovery.  Words can't express how difficult this process has been for them, and it's high time they had the opportunity to move on.

As for us, David and I are struggling to get into a cruising state of mind. It's a combination of factors: we spent too much time off the boat over the winter; we don't know the area very well which is leaving us feeling unprepared; but mostly we're worried about Chris.  Ready or not, we have to vacate the marina berth Friday morning.  We'll most likely anchor nearby for a few days while we tie up a few loose ends before making our way north.

As an aside, we saw our first bald eagle close up this morning. He took up residence atop a mast for about an hour before flying off to find his lunch. Although it sounds like a joke, this was one of the times we were very grateful that Sally isn't a small dog -- apparently they make tasty treats.

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