No News Is Good News?

Thursday, April 16, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

We're still waiting to hear definitive news about Chris.  The latest word is that they're going to keep fighting the infection (although they're not sure if he really has one) and reevaluate the situation once fusion with the original hardware and his spine occurs (which they believe is being slowed down by the infection that may or may not exist).  In the meantime, he'll be released to go home to wait it out.  And if a sixth surgery is needed to remove the support hardware (that may or may not have caused the infection that may or may not still exist), they'll do it after he returns to work so as not to jeopardize his position.

On a lighter side, yesterday was David's birthday so we took the ferry over to Seattle for the afternoon.  It was a cold morning to start (37 degrees), but the fog cleared and we were treated to a beautiful day.  Among the highlights of the trip: a subterranean tour of Pioneer Square, lunch at an Irish Pub, and Pike Place Market (more details to follow in our next log entry).

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