Poulsbo Puget Sound


Friday, May 01, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

The fishing boats are beginning to leave for the season, so the marina was able to offer us a berth in their permanent moorage for an extra month and we jumped at the chance. We lost our beautiful view, but the move gives us the opportunity to “ease” back into cruising rather than jump straight in. We’ll use Poulsbo as our home base over the next few weeks while we take short trips to test the boat’s systems, explore parts of South Puget Sound, and gain a better feel for the weather, tides and currents.

All and all, the boat preparations are going well. The 8 hp motor is up and running, all the provisions are bought and stored, and we have a place to keep the truck once we leave Poulsbo which means we’re free to take our first outing…once the weather improves.

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