Howe Sound

Gibsons Landing

Thursday, July 09, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

As it turned out, one night in Gibsons was enough. The anchorage is deep and exposed to the wakes of the busy marina entrance, but it served its purpose. Sally and I were able to take care of the provisions first thing in the morning, leaving the afternoon for David and me to explore the town who’s claim to fame is the filming of the Canadian TV series the Beachcombers from 1972 to 1990 and continue our search for the best fish & chips in North America (Barbara’s in Princeton-By-The-Sea still holds the lead) before returning to the boat to up-anchor and find a more suitable spot to spend our second night.

The batteries were in need of re-charging, so we decided to run the engine and take a cruise down the sound on the way to our next anchorage. We were having a great time and enjoying some of the most amazing scenery we’ve ever experienced on our own personal boat when an alarm went off. David came up from below to say that the batteries weren’t charging; our moods dropped like lead balloons.

Feeling rather beaten, we anchored in Port Graves on Gambier Island for the night where, tomorrow, David will begin a series of diagnostic tests to see exactly where the problems lies and what our options are.

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