Jervis Inlet

Jervis Inlet

Wednesday, July 15, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

We left Howe Sound yesterday afternoon with the tides and had a nice passage up to Secret Cove along the BC mainland coast – not so secret, by the way, with hundreds of boats berthed and anchored there. The next day, we left for Jervis Inlet arriving late in the afternoon and began our search for an anchorage for the night passing on two before finally settling on Dark Cove. When we arrived, there were two large yellow mooring buoys planted in the only spot shallow enough to anchor. By this time, we were short on options, so we decided to help ourselves and ask forgiveness later not being sure whether they were private or belonged to the state. Come to find out, they’re private property and Randy, the owner, just put them in the week before for a large party he held celebrating the approval of permits he received to begin work on a large resort and marina. He was kind enough to allow us to use the mooring and invited us up on his deck for a drink which we gladly accepted.

As the evening drew on, the wine flowed more freely and we had an incredible time talking to Randy and two of his friends who were visiting from Winnipeg. We saw the plans for the resort; and, although it’ll be sad to loose another beautiful anchorage, looking out at Cambria resting at anchor, it was easy to see the appeal of the project.

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