Jervis Inlet

Return to Dark Cove

Friday, July 31, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

Johnny was back at the boat before lunch installing a new solenoid, a cheaper and simpler solution than the battery isolator, while David put in the new alternator. Within an hour, the engine was running and the alternator was putting amperage back into the batteries. With eleven more days before we need to be back in Poulsbo, we decided to treat ourselves to a few days in Princess Louisa Inlet on our way south. A few hours later, we dropped the lines and made way for Dark Cove in hopes of seeing Randy again. He was home this time around and came over after dinner for drinks and to catch up. Once again, the wine flowed a little too freely and David pulled out the guitar playing well past midnight before we all finally called it an evening...4:30 will come awfully early!

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