Desolation Sound

Teakerne Arm

Monday, July 27, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

We had a nice evening last night in Teakerne Arm. After heeding advice from Gerri Lee and Rich, we anchored in the bay south of the waterfall and had the place virtually to ourselves – the peace and quiet a welcomed change from the hustle and bustle of Gorge Harbour. The heat is becoming unbearable, so we spent most of our time on deck in the shade of the boat while watching the sunset and righting the world’s wrongs through our discourse.

This morning, I packed a picnic lunch and we dinghied over to the waterfall for a quick look around before tying up to the provincial park dock and taking a short hike to a grove of trees where we had lunch in the shade. After eating, we continued on the path which takes you over the top of the falls and behind to Cassel Lake – a beautiful fresh-water lake which is considered one of the best swimming spots in the area. After a fashion, we had ourselves organized and Sally happily tied to a tree at the top of the banks which are steep-granite making your only option for cooling off to jump straight in (using the ropes tied to trees to climb out). The water was FANTASTIC and just what the doctor ordered on such a hot summer day – I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a swim more.

Unfortunately, our efforts to keep cool were in vain when we got back to the boat as the generator wouldn’t start again and David had to go out in the heat to fix it. He managed to get it started, but it doesn’t look (or sound) very good.

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