Desolation Sound Marine Weather

A Weather Change

Saturday, September 05, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

It rained most of the night last night and the barometer was sitting at 1001 this morning when I got up. I haven’t seen it that low since the winter months and am concerned about what the weather will bring over the next 24 hours. We listened to the forecast yesterday and didn’t hear anything for this area that concerned us, but we’ve come to trust the barometer over all else since we arrived in these waters last year.

Mike and Lisa came by and picked us up for a trip over to an old logging road at the head of the inlet. Our hope was that we’d reach the lake, but it stopped well short. At any rate, it was good to get out and stretch our legs for a while and Sally enjoyed being able to walk without her leash. It started to rain on our way back to the dinghies, and we were all drenched by the time we reached our boats – ahhh! there’s nothing like the smell of wet dog in close quarters!

We all had dinner aboard Cambria later that night and managed to escape without injury thanks to a Scotch-free evening. They haven’t decided whether or not they stay in the PNW for another season or return to Southern California at the end of the month to ready the boat for another adventure – the Caribbean or South Pacific. Our hope is that they’ll stay for selfish reasons, but we definitely understand the desire to move on and experience new places.

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