Desolation Sound

Black Lake (Roscoe Bay, West Redonda Island)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

The weather was beautiful this morning with large patches of blue sky and clouds quickly passing by in the upper-stratosphere, so I optimistically aired up the kayaks. As the day passed, the clouds lowered replacing the blue patches with gray while spitting the occasional raindrop along the way, but it was still nice enough to paddle over to the end of the inlet and carry the kayaks to the lake where we were able to explore on the water rather than in it. Mike was the only one brave enough to go swimming. He went yesterday as well and thought the water might be warmer than in Cassel Lake, so I was tempted until he told us about his dream last night; he found a dead body in the lake. The dark waters of Black Lake (aptly named in my opinion) looked like the perfect place for a floater to come up and grab your unsuspecting foot while swimming, so I stuck to the safety of my kayak.

Despite the promise of a rising barometer, the rain began to fall again in the afternoon making this day seven. It’s intermittent, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to be optimistic about our chances of staying out at anchor this winter. At the very least, a pair of proper gum boots is in order for taking Sally to shore.

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