Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound Revisited

Sunday, September 13, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

We left Westview yesterday afternoon after our new nav light arrived and we filled up with fuel. Without the portable generator, we’re using more diesel than before and finding life aboard a little less convenient.

The weather’s been beautiful for the past three days, so we decided to go back to Desolation Sound because we’re afraid that it’ll be our last opportunity of the year due to the changing weather. Once the winter storms from Alaska start moving into the area, it’ll be time to move south. We choose Roscoe Bay for our first night in hopes of going swimming again, but the weather has already taken a turn for the worse with showers in the morning and the barometer dropping down to 999 from 1024 only four days ago.

In the afternoon, we decided to move to Tenedos Bay in the Desolation Sound Marine Park. According to the guide books, this is a very popular destination during the busy summer months, so we were surprised to only find one boat at anchor when we arrived. It’s another deep-water anchorage with steep slopes which make shoring the dog a little difficult; but the scenery is dramatic, the protection is very good, and there’a a nice hike up to Unwin Lake making this another favourite spot that we’ll visit often in the years to come.

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