Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Sunday, September 27, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

The Air Chair, a hammock-like concoction, is too big of a distraction. Both David and I have found ourselves loosing hours swinging by a halyard on the forward deck while reading or watching Chatterbox Falls. I did manage to motivate myself enough to hike up to Trapper’s Cabin again on Friday. And we finally, aired up the kayaks today and took a paddle around the basin and up to the falls where the water is now painfully cold and not suited for swimming – although some brave (or crazy) souls made the attempt.

Yesterday, a couple with two young kids came in under sail. They have a 24 or 27 foot boat and their outboard engine broke down. They weren’t able to get a replacement in nearby Egmont, so they decided to continue up the inlet under their own power. As they approached the basin, David realized that Don, the husband, was rowing them to the dock so he set off in our dinghy and offered them a tow. They refused wanting to make the final leg themselves.

After learning what the problem was, David offered the use of our spare outboard – a temperamental 8 hp that we’ve given up on for the season. David and Don worked on it this afternoon and it looks like it’ll get them home safely. They live on Lasqueti Island in Malaspina Strait which sounds like an interesting diversion, so we’ll pick it up on our way down to Nanaimo later this week.

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