Desolation Sound

Teakerne Arm

Friday, September 04, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

Mike and Lisa arrived around noon yesterday and invited us over for drinks in the evening after a quick catch-up that afternoon. Mike’s taken to drinking a glass of Scotch at night and was keen to share one (or two, or three, or four) with David who paid a small price for it later on. We all, except Lisa who quit drinking weeks ago, woke up a little worse-for-the-wear this morning, but nothing serious.

After lunch, we took a dinghy ride over to the waterfall and then hiked up to Cassel Lake for a swim. There were only four people swimming when we arrived and we interrupted their skinny dip (the first 20 feet or so of water is VERY clear). After casually meandering around while they fiddled with their trunks, Mike jumped in and, judging by his reaction, I thought the water must be fine forgetting the fact that he’d just spent the summer in Alaska. It was MUCH colder than I expected (surely around 67 degrees rather than the balmy 80 from our last visit) but very enjoyable. Lisa was next but not before I apologized for my reaction (one that would put a Polar Bear off). Poor David. His back is still bothering him so he wasn’t able to get in because the water did wonders for a foggy head.

Worn out from our reunion yesterday, we said good-night after our swim and both tucked in for the evening. We put together a short itinerary of places in the area to visit over the next several days keeping in mind that it’s the last holiday weekend of the season and the most popular spots, which we’re anxious to visit ourselves, will be crowded. But the forecast is for strong winds and rain which will probably keep most of the weekend boaters at home.

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