the Strait of Georgia the Sunshine Coast

Westview (Powell River)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009S.V. CAMBRIA

Being the first day of September, we decided we should finally leave Secret Cove. We have two sets of friends approaching the area and would like to spend some time at anchor with both of them. The Emmens are coming from the south, the Dobsons are coming from the north, while we lie somewhere in the middle.

Bill and Sylvia, our friends from Orcas Island, called as we were motoring north and said they were going to be out on Salubrious for three weeks, so we continued past Jervis Inlet, where we had hoped to join them for a trip down to Princess Louisa Inlet, to Westview Marina for the night to give the batteries a deep charge, pick up our spare alternator, do laundry, and re-provision a few essentials (chocolate).

Having cellular coverage at the same time (not a regular event up here), we were able to talk to Mike and Lisa who are now in the Campbell River area (approximately 30 nautical miles northwest) after having spent the season in Alaska and made plans to meet in Teakerne Arm on Thursday. We haven’t seen them since December and, although we’ve done a fair job keeping in touch through e-mail and phone calls, it’ll be great to see them in person again and hear more about their trip to Alaska. Unfortunately, they may be leaving the Pacific Northwest at the end of the month to return to Ventura, California before sailing to the South Pacific or Caribbean, and this could be the last time we see them.

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