Boat Maintenance

5 Will Get You 10 (Boat Jobs, That Is)

Saturday, February 20, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The forecast is calling for a period of five days of good weather, so we decided to take the opportunity to polish and wax the hull of theboat.  Friday was a productive day with us working from the dock and completing most of the starboard side but, because we weren't able to reach down to the waterline, we decided to use the dinghy as a working platform which turned out to be a perfect example of how asimple job can turn into a laundry list of small tasks before you're even able to get started:

  1. Get the dinghy out of Jeff and Karry's garage where it's been stored for the winter (should be easy!).
  2. The dinghy's really dirty, so we should pull out the power washer and clean it up.
  3. With that done, we need to clean up the mess we made by washing the dingy, put the power washer away, and launch the dinghy into the water.
  4. The pontoons are deflated, so we need to drag out the air-pump and inflate them.
  5. There's a little water in the bottom, so we need to get the bailing sponge out and clean it up since we'll be working with electricity.  Oh, wait!  The weld had given and it's actually a small hole that's leaking.
  6. Pull the dinghy out of the water and dry it off.
  7. Dig out the Minute Mend and fix the hole.
  8. Break for lunch while the epoxy cures.
  9. Re-launch the dinghy. 
  10. Polish and wax the port side of the boat.

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