Hood Canal

Waiting on the Weather

Thursday, February 18, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

A red sky dawning forecasting another rainy day in Coon Bay.

David and I have been back on the boat for three weeks now but not without some adjustments and physical pain – there's no two ways about it, land-life softened us!

Gone in an instant were the creature comforts we'd grown accustom to so quickly – long showers, hot baths, flushing toilets, and SPACE – causing living aboard to feel more like camping than anything else.  Experience tells us that it's only temporary, but that doesn't make the transition much easier and the past three weeks have resulted in many stepped on toes, bumps, and bruises as we struggle to adapt once again.

Adding to that, February's weather hasn't turned out to be as good as promised which has kept us inside more than we would have liked.  On the odd sunny days, David managed to work on the teak decks, cleaning and sealing them with oil, while I toiled down below checking the bilges for mildew, cleaning them out, and shedding them of unwanted and unused junk (raising our waterline a few inches in the process).  We did our best to make use of the wet days by running errands and doing endless research on solar panels, but “cabin fever” was always close at hand.  The good news is that the forecast is calling for several fine days, so we should be able to get back outside, shake off the cobwebs, and start tackling our never-ending to-do list.

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