A Day So Nice, We Celebrated It Twice!

Thursday, April 15, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The 2010 winter-moorage gang in Poulsbo. 
         David and his cake.

Yesterday was a great day and a bit of a surprise for David.  Before embarking on a 1200-mile drive to Las Vegas to spend some time with Chris, Stacia, and the girls, we had a farewell potluck dinner at the marina. My contribution to the meal was a chocolate birthday cake which was delivered blazing in candle light to David as everybody sang Happy Birthday completely taking him by surprise. It was a wonderful evening full of good food, great music, excellent company and a brilliant way to say “see you later” before all the winter live-aboards go their separate ways – Les on You've Got Mail is headed to Mexico, Jan on Tortue will stick around until June before setting sail for San Francisco, Al and Becca onHalona are headed north to the Broughtons (where we hope to see them again), Sandy and Ray on Pure Joy will be spending some time shaking down their boat in the San Juan Islands before sailing south to Mexico and warmer climates, and Jonathan on Judy II hopes to spends some time up in the San Juans as well.

By 10 o'clock the party was over, the boat was locked up the boat, and we were on our way to Vegas. The drive was grueling at times, especially at night, but clearly made easier by our excitement to see everyone again and we arrived just in time to take David out for a birthday meal with his family.

Happy Birthday, d.! 

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