Delayed by the Weather . . . Again!

Sunday, April 04, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Our return to Poulsbo hasn't been nearly as productive as we'd hoped and it appears that our May 1st departure is no longer a possibility.  The spring weather is incredibly unsettled with several days of high winds and rain with only brief periods of respite before the next system moves in making it impossible to get any of the outside work done, so we decided to do what we can over the next week and then drive down to Las Vegas and San Diego to visit David's sons.
On the bright side, it's been nice to be back amongst friends and to have met new ones in the process – Ray and Sandy on Pure Joy, Jan on Tortue,and Alvah and Dianna Simon on Roger Henry. Alvah's a contributing editor to Cruising World magazine and has written a book called North To The Night about the year he and Dianna spent in the Arctic on their boat.  Because her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dianna had to be evacuated from their winter anchorage where they were iced in and fly to New Zealand.  Alvah spent the following several months alone,in the dark, and in temperatures reaching 60 below with a cat named Halifax as his only company.  It's an amazing story – not your usual cruising fare – and reading it makes it difficult not to look at them without some level of awe.  It's not the type of cruising that appeals to either one of us, but it's difficult not to envy parts of their experience and adventure – very, very, small parts.

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