Friday, April 30, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

After a grueling 18 hours on I-5 (David was flipped the bird 3 times in the last three hours of the drive), we got back to Poulsbo yesterday afternoon around 4 o'clock. We were both really tired and ready for a good night's sleep so we had a quick bite to eat, popped in a DVD and went to bed leaving the unpacking and organizing for today.

The third solar panel (to be mounted on top of the radar arch) and MPPT controller arrived yesterday, so we went down to the office to pick them up – the forward cabin is now their temporary home along with the hundreds of piles of other junk. While there, we learned that the marina berth we were promised for the next month doesn't exist, so we'll be dropping our lines tomorrow and going out to anchor. It's going to be a little inconvenient when it comes to completing the work we need to get done but, on the bright side, it'll be a nice change and a good way to shake down the systems on the boat.

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