San Diego

San Diego, CA

Wednesday, April 28, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

David and John finished the deck this afternoon and it looks amazing! Working with straight lines and on a somewhat-even surface was a nice change for David, but the project still took longer than expected with breaks for trips to Home Depot to pick up forgotten items or for recharging the batteries (literally) – not quite on par with a boat job, but close! While the guys toiled away, I amused myself with morning walks to Balboa Park with Sally, a trip to the dog beach in Coronado, my first decent haircut since November, and watching entirely too much television – never running short of things to do in San Diego, one of my favourite cities.

That's not to say it was all work and no play for the guys. I managed to pull them away from laying joists and decking long enough to go to the zoo the other morning and for a walk on the beach one evening. Both David and I were happy to see the Pacific Ocean again – the smell of the sand and the sea, dolphins playing in the surf, and the endless western horizon – a big change from what we've grown accustomed to over the past two years. It was easy to let our imaginations run wild and wonder where the wind would take Cambria if she were one of the few sailboats out on the water – Hawaii? The Marquesas? Fanning Island? – but those are dreams for another day. For now, we're both happy to be in the Pacific Northwest enjoying exploring the hundreds of inlets and islands in her protected waters.

Unfortunately, it's time for another good-bye and none of us want to leave, including Sally who seems to have formed a truce with Jake, John's lovely (but big) Rottweiller-mix. (It's hard not to feel like we're leaving John and Craig holding the bag while we go off to have fun on the water.) But we have to be back in Poulsbo by the first of May to move the boat out of temporary moorage, so we'll be leaving tonight around 8 o'clock in order to miss all the traffic in L.A. (and the rest of California for that matter). Should be fun.

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