Puget Sound

Memorial Day

Monday, May 31, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

One of the many batteries at Fort Flagler

We drove up to Port Townsend this morning leaving the gloomy skies of Poulsbo behind for a few hours to pick up our lifelines (the wire cables around the perimeter of the boat that help keep a person from falling overboard) which had to be remade to accommodate the rails for the solar panels. On the way home, we drove to Fort Flagler, a former US Army fort (1897 – 1953) turned state park, on Marrowstone Island and walked around the old barracks, officer's homes, and batteries – a fitting way to spend Memorial Day – before strolling down to the beach to see the lighthouse. It was really nice to be outside again and get some fresh air after days of being cooped up because of the rain.

By the time we got back to the boat, the sun was out and David was able to go out on deck and reattach the lifelines which, of course, we're made to incorrect lengths (one was an inch too long – so much for professionalism). He managed to switch things around and make a few adjustments to complete the job, once again, turning a five minute task into an hour's work.

I'm done and ready to move on. I've had enough of Poulsbo. There's no particular reason. I'm just ready for a change, but the forecast is for another unseasonably strong front to arrive tomorrow and stall through Wednesday bringing rain with it. And, according to the marine radiofax chart, there's going to be a stationary high inland with a large low approaching from offshore, so it's better to stay here in the comfort and convenience of the marina. Maybe next week....

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