Princess Louisa Inlet

Chatterbox or Bust

Thursday, June 24, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Our favourite spot on the dock is waiting for us at Chatterbox Falls.

We upped anchor at noon and slowly started making our way to Princess Louisa Inlet, once again, to time our arrival at Malibu Rapids for slack tide – 7:06 pm.

It was another beautiful day on the water with the wind blowing 15 knots in the Strait of Georgia and funneling into Jervis Inlet. We threw out the jib in hopes of catching some of it and sailing down; but it turned shifty before eventually dying out, so we furled the sail and let the motor do the work.

The sun was shining and the day was warm, so we were able to spend time outside on the deck enjoying the view as it passed by at a leisurely 6 knots, leaving some of the work to the autopilot – Cambria, after all, knows her way.

We arrived at Malibu Rapids a little early, but didn't see any overfalls, so we went through and made our way to the government dock at the head of the inlet. Our regular spot (end of the dock and on the outside) was open, so we tied up and I took Sally for a well-deserved walk. It'd had been another long day, so called it an early night and let the sounds of Chatterbox Falls lull us to sleep.

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