the Strait of Georgia

Crossing the Strait of Georgia

Wednesday, June 23, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

We left Nanaimo around 11:30 this morning after spending a couple of days anchored off Newcastle Island. Given more time, it would have been nice to explore some of the many hiking trails, but we're both eager to cross the Strait of Georgia and start making out way to Princess Louisa Inlet.

It was another long day made even longer by the fact that Whiskey Golf, a restricted deep-water military exercise range operated by the Canadian and US Navies to test non-explosive torpedoes and various ships' systems, was active, so we had to detour around the area adding another hour or so onto the passage. But the water was calm and there wasn't much wind (squashing all of our hopes of sailing across), so we made it across the strait and over to Pender Harbour, where we'll anchor for the night, without a problem.

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