Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Sunday, June 27, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Saturday was another leisurely day starting off with floating around on the kayaks after lunch, an early dinner aboard and after-dinner drinks on deck as people roamed the docks.

Cambria ended up being a focal point and David held court while I showed Anne, from Blue Rodeo, around and tried my best to answer some of her questions about provisioning a boat. I'm afraid I wasn't much help – it's been seven years since our passage to Tonga from New Zealand, and we tend to eat more simply than most people on the water.

Meanwhile, James sat in the cockpit of Norma Mae and played his twelve-string guitar – such a beautiful instrument. Craig, from the launch Mary Kay, pulled up a stool (literally) with a drink in hand and listened to the concert. This is when Ann, Craig's wife, came up with the idea for a potluck dinner the following night. Smart woman!

Sunday, we woke up to Princess Louisa Inlet showing one of her many different personalities in the form of heavy mist, low clouds and more waterfalls – it was simply magical – resulting in a quiet morning aboard Cambria.

I spent time researching possible routes to The Broughtons while David worked on Mark's computer. In order to travel north of Desolation Sound, we'll have to transit several rapids in the process and timing will be everything. Up until now, everything we've done has been a repeat of last year, but The Broughtons will be unknown territory for us and the options are overwhelming.

By the afternoon, the rain-clouds had moved out and we had fine weather for our dock-potluck dinner – and what a great time it was! We had five boats taking part: Slow Ride, Mary Kay, Cambria, Blue Rodeo, and Norma Mae. Everyone brought their own entrĂ©e and a side-dish to share while the drinks flowed freely. After dinner, James and David pulled out their guitars with most songs resulting in singing, dancing, and always applause. It was an incredible of evening of sharing stories and making new friends; something neither one of us will soon forget and were loathe to end – it was 11:30 pm before the party stopped and we piled back aboard Cambria.

Just another brilliant day in the most incredible place on earth....

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