Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Friday, June 25, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

July 2009
June 2010

Words can't describe how wonderful it is to be back in Princess Louisa Inlet – it's akin to coming home. It's our fourth visit, but each time different from the last and I'm struggling to recognize the landscape. There's more snow along the mountain ridges than there was last July resulting in countless waterfalls from the summer melt and Chatterbox is roaring like we've never seen it before. I had hoped to take another hike up to Trapper's Cabin today, but there's too much run-off making it dangerous with the shoes I have aboard. It's disappointing, the view alone is worth the climb, but things should be drier when we return in September.

With no hiking in the near future, we decided to take the kayaks out for a couple of hours after lunch, so I paddled over to the small waterfall where we like to bathe in the afternoons to have a look around. As I was paddling, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. And I was. Every now and again, I would see the head of a seal quietly peaking out from the black water staring at me with its large eyes. And then another one. And another. I was surrounded. I'm sure there are some people who would have found the moment magical, but I'm not one of them. For some unknown reason, I find seals eerie, so I dug in and quickly made my way to shore.

The niche where we used to shore the dinghy was filled in with gravel from the once gentle stream that is now roaring from the thaw. Last year, there had been a clear trail from the shore to the pool of the falls, but that path has been covered by debris – broken trees and rocks. I wasn't able to make it to the pools, but I did get a good look at the powerful falls feeding them. One thing was clear, all of our bathing would have to be done on Cambria.

By the time I got back to the boat, David was already there playing the guitar on the aft deck. It didn't take long before James, our neighbor from Norma Mae, stopped by for a chat and a promise to get together and jam before everyone leave.

One more boat came in with the evening tide, Blue Rodeo, out of Idaho. Mark and Anne are circumnavigating Vancouver Island before sailing down to Mexico for the winter with plans to land in New Zealand in 2012 – something that always gets David and I excited, if not envious. They certainly have the boat for it and were kind enough to give David and James a tour while Anne and I sat in the cockpit where we soon joined by Ann, off of Mary Kay, and talked.

It's going to be a good stay....

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