The Broughtons

Cypress Harbour, Broughton Island

Saturday, July 24, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The view of the Coastal Mountains from Cypress Habour.

A high pressure ridge is moving north from the west and is expected to bring gale force winds along with it for Queen Charlotte and Johnstone Straits so we changed our plans for Blunden Harbour, located along the mainland in Queen Charlotte Strait, and made way for Cypress Harbour on Broughton Island.

There were several other boats anchored when we arrived, some we've seen before, as well as a fish farm that seemed to take up most of the bay. But it was a clear day, and the ugliness of the aquaculture was quickly forgiven in light of the view of the Coastal Mountains, as was the old logging road at the head of the bay – both fairly common eyesores in the outskirts of The Broughtons.

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