The Broughtons

Echo Bay

Thursday, July 15, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The water tanks were low, the laundry hamper was overflowing, and the trash had taken over the forward lazarette making it was time to seek out a little bit of civilization, so we left Wahkana Bay yesterday morning and made way for Echo Bay, a small float home community with two marinas.

Pierre's is an active spot with dinners planned most nights of the week, from pig roasts to prime rib, but it's a little too posh for our tastes. We arrived wearing the same clothes we'd had on for the past week, badly in need of showers, and looking more like locals than tourists while many of the other guests walked around resembling members of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club – who wears white in the wilderness, really?

But it served its purpose and, some CA$91 later, we were on our way....

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