The Broughtons

Greenway Sound, Broughton Island

Sunday, July 18, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Our anchorage in Carter Passage, Greenway Sound.

The summer weather patterns have formed – morning fog, burning off by late afternoon if you're lucky, which haven't been for several days – and, once again, we're socked in eliminating our hopes of motoring down Kingcome Inlet (there's really no point if you can't see the mountains) so we moved over to Greenway Sound off Broughton Island in search of sunnier skies. Which we found. I didn't hold out much hope, but David was convinced that the Coastal Mountains were holding up the low clouds along the mainland and we needed to move down to the islands. So we did. And the sun shone.

It was close to noon, so we dropped a lunch-hook near the Greenway Sound Marina where we were able to tap into their wireless internet signal to check the weather, e-mail and update the website. Like the other marinas in the area, it's expensive to stay and, according to Craig off of Mary Kay, “it feels like fingers are reaching into your wallet while you're there.” Preferring the solitude of anchoring, we moved on to Carter Passage (still in Greenway Sound) for the night leaving the docks to the motor yachts, trawlers and launches.

Hoping to have the place to ourselves, we were disappointed to see a fishing trawler already anchored in the bay, but The Broughtons are busy this year lessening our chances of solitude. Many of the boats are American – perhaps a small sign of an improving economy, at least in Washington state, the home of Microsoft.

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