The Broughtons

Moore Bay

Friday, July 16, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The view from beautiful Moore Bay.

We left Simoon Sound this morning for Moore Bay which lies at the entrance to Kingcome Inlet and is one of those special places that merits lingering in. The water is milky-green from the glacial outflow of the inlet and, even with several other boats anchored in the bay, it's beautifully quiet. A good spot to sit on the deck and do nothing more than enjoy the view or, if you're David, play the guitar.

There are two BC Forest Service buoys and a small dock that leads to a campsite and a few trails making my job of shoring Sally a lot easier. None of our cruising guides warn of bears in the area, but we did see signs of recent activity – scratchings, scat and a claw print all made within the past few days – and later learned that there was a grizzly bear sighted at the campsite yesterday which may explain why Sally wasn't interested in spending a lot of time on shore.

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