the Discovery Islands the Inside Passage

Octopus Islands Marine Park

Monday, July 05, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

David steering the dinghy through Tentacle Pass.

We had hoped to take the kayaks out today to explore the Octopus Island, but it was a little too windy, so we decided to take a tiki-tour in the dinghy. The park is beautiful and quiet with plenty of anchoring possibilities – even when it's full of boats – and looks like a kayaker's dream. It was worth the extra days needed to stop here and deserving of a second visit on the way south.

After lunch, I took the dinghy back to the head of Waiatt bay to find the trail that leads to Newton Lake for a fresh-water swim while David pulled out his Stratocaster. I think he missed out, but he disagrees and enjoyed the afternoon creating new sounds. The only one who felt cheated was Sally. She spent the day sitting at the bow of the boat looking for me. When I saw her there, my heart sank. It wasn't too long ago that I wouldn't have thought twice about taking my best friend along but, because she's nearly fourteen and I didn't know what the terrain was like, I thought it'd be best if she stayed home. As it turned out, she could have easily handled the hike if she could be bothered to follow the trail (Sally can be head-strong on her best days and unmovable on her worst).

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