The Broughtons

Shawl Bay

Saturday, July 17, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Shawl Bay Marina

The sky was overcast this morning so David and I dinghied over to Shawl Bay, about two and a half miles away in search of something to do. Like most isolated villages, Shawl Bay clings to a way of life that began at the turn of the century when hand loggers moved from cove to cove working their claims. Camps consisted of two or three families, their individual float-homes rafted together and moored to the shore with long logs holding them off the beach at low tide. The children attended a floating school that also moved about, following the greatest concentration of students. Today it's home to a year-round community of float homes and marina.

Lorne and Shawn Brown and their son Rob have made Shawl Bay Marina into a popular stop – the meeting place – with their all you can eat daily pancake breakfasts daily and covered community dock for happy hours and special events (fried-turkey dinners and clam chowder nights). Carol, the bead lady, moved her gift shop over from Echo Bay (along with her house and garden) and adds to the friendly and welcoming nature of the marina.

The people who live here are hearty, much like the original pioneers must have been. Aside from the improvements in technology – speed boats, floatplanes, weather forecasts, and access to communications such as phones and internet – the environment remains much the same, inhospitable and dangerous.

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