The Broughtons

Sullivan Bay, Broughton Island

Friday, July 23, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

The view of the Coastal Mountains outside Turnbull Cove.

Yesterday was another bright and sunny day, so we took the opportunity to explore Turnbull Cove and a small section of Kenneth Passage, an area that resembles a mountain lake more than the ocean with it's close, tree-lined shores, by dinghy. It's difficult to describe the beauty and appeal of area, but I'm sure that it will remain a favourite of The Broughtons for years to come.

The goal of the trip was to take a look at Roaringhouse Rapids which apparently lives up to their name during low-water spring tides when rooster tails extend over an area 100 yards from the waterfall that forms and a thick blanket of white foam fills the entire bay. The tide was coming in, so we didn't witness anything that extreme or exciting but we did catch a glimpse of seals jumping and frolicking inside the lagoon while they fished for their next meal.
In the evening, we took the dinghy back to shore and walked up to the lake which was already shaded and didn't look as inviting as it had the day before, so we started a fire at the campsite and burned the pile of trash we'd already managed to accumulate before returning to the boat for a quiet night.

We left Turnbull Cove this afternoon for Sullivan Bay where there's another small marina and floathouse community that I'd wanted to see. In 1945, the floating village at Claydon Bay, a short distance north on the mainland, was towed to Sullivan Bay where the string of buildings, including a store and post office, serviced what was, until the mid-50s, the busiest floatplane base on the coast. Several of the original buildings remain as part of current resort along with a well-stocked grocery and liquor store, fuel dock and potable water making it a good place to reprovision before setting out to new anchorages – that's if you don't mind being $5 to death.

It's a fun place to walk around the docks, all signed with street names, stretch your legs and take a look at the upscale floathomes and motor yachts. But, once again, we opted to anchor and dropped our hook in the small bay formed between Atkinson and North Broughton Islands away from all of the action satisfied just to dinghy over for a look, a loaf of bread, a bag of chips and an ice cream treat – CA$20.11.

Some of the original floar buildings at Sulllivan Bay Marine Resort.

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