The Broughtons

Sutherland Bay, Drury Inlet

Monday, July 19, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Looking down-inlet from Sutherland Bay.

We left Greenway Sound for Drury Inlet on the mainland this morning in search of quiet anchorages and grizzly bears which are rumoured to roam the shores at the head of the bay.
Extensive logging has taken place over the years in this area, like so many others in The Broughtons, and continues today – the trees they cut down now a mere a fraction of the ones they cut 100 years ago – permanently damaging the landscape, both aesthetically and structurally. It's difficult to look at.

At the end of the inlet lies Sutherland Bay, our chosen anchorage, where there's unlimited swing room and good holding. Like so many places up here, Sutherland Bay has its own interesting story to tell. Its shores are low-lying rather than steep and one man back in the 1920s claimed to have discovered oil here. After moving a small rig into the bay, drilling a few test wells, and selling shares in his company, he promptly vanished with the shareholders' money and was never heard from again. Maybe a grizzly found him, or a shareholder.

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