Desolation Sound the Inside Passage

Westview to Teakerne Arm

Thursday, July 01, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Good Sex and Great Sex Coves in Teakerne Arm, Desolation Sound, BC.

It was raining this morning and looked like we were in for a wet day; but it lightened up around 11 o'clock, so we left Van Anda for Westview to buy provisions and do the laundry completely forgetting that it was Canada Day (the Canadian version of the fourth of July).

The shuttle that takes you up to the local mall wasn't running, so I left David to do the laundry while I set off to buy provisions on foot. The local butcher was unexpectedly open, so I was able to get some homemade sausages after all (but they're not as good as the ones from Van Anda) before slogging up the hill to the grocery store where I loaded up as much fresh food as I could carry – bread, fruit, vegetables, meat and, of course, chocolate!

Unfortunately, David's luck wasn't as good as mine. The laundromat across the street from the marina was closed, not only for Canada Day, but for good. So we'll just have to rough it until we find someplace else, or start washing things by hand.

With the groceries unloaded and the last of the trash thrown away, we untied our lines and moved over to the fuel dock. Up to this point, we've travelled 325 nautical miles (100 of which were going to and from Princess Louisa Inlet) and consumed approximately sixty US gallons of diesel in as many engine hours. Without the solar panels, which have fully recharged the batteries while at anchor since leaving Poulsbo, we would have used close to twice as much fuel – at a cost of $3.85 a gallon. The real test will come next week when we arrive in The Broughtons, an area renowned for fog and rain.

From Westview, we moved north to Teakerne Arm for a couple of days. The wind is forecasted to blow from the northwest which would make our normal anchorage unsuitable, so we stern-tied the boat in a bight across the inlet which, come to find out, has been named Great Sex Cove by the Canadians. You've got to love their sense of humour – the anchorage just north of here is called Good Sex Cove. I guess it was a lucky thing that it was already occupied.

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