Johnstone Strait the Discovery Islands

Campbell River to Thurston Bay Marine Park

Monday, August 16, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Thurston Bay Marine Park

We woke up Sunday morning to another day of thick haze in the air. The local marine forecast called for light and variable winds with smoke in all quadrants limiting visibility – it was going to be another hot day. With a job to do, we upped anchor and made our way south to Campbell River via Sutil Channel where the air was so dense that you could barely see the outline of Read and Quadra Islands – less than two miles away. With no breeze to push the smoke out, let alone sail, we motored into the Strait of Georgia, around Cape Mudge, into Discovery Passage and Campbell River.

Back to civilization means cellphone coverage, internet access and a busy day. We took a berth at Discovery Harbour Marina for the night which is located just opposite a large shopping complex with waterfront restaurants, stores and banks – everything we need! We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for provisions and catching-up with friends and family by phone. In the evening, David worked out this morning's course up Discovery Passage and through Seymour Narrows, a stretch of dangerous water where the current can run 16 knots, while I tackled the laundry.

Somewhere along the way, he read that Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards keep their boat in Campbell River – the gateway to the Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound – and that she can be heard practising her vocal scales from the aft deck. An unsurprising little factoid when you consider the convenient location. We'd be interested in keeping Cambria there ourselves if the wind didn't blow like crazy off Discovery Passage, especially during winter storms.

We left the marina at 10 o'clock this morning to time our arrival at Seymour Narrows for slack along with dozens of other boats with the same idea. It was a little sloppy and we had wind against us (15 knots) but it was straightforward and uneventful – just the way we like it!

After leaving Discovery Passage for Nodales Channel, we tucked in for the night at Thurston Bay Marine Park on the western side of Sonora Island. There are several other boats here, more than we'd have expected, but it's quiet – a very nice change from the past few days. The heatwave has broken, either by natural means or change in location, so I finally aired up my kayak and went out for a paddle to enjoy the tranquil scenery with its islets, pale green water and deciduous trees peaking out amongst the evergreens pausing to bask in the warmth of the sun and savour the final days of summer...everyday should be so good!

It's only been a few days since we left Shoal Bay, but we managed to accomplish a lot and can now relax and enjoy the time we have left before we need to be back for the music festival and pig roast...a sort of vacation from our vacation, if you will.

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