Jervis Inlet Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Wednesday, September 22, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

We left Pender Harbour around eleven o'clock yesterday morning for Princess Louisa Inlet with Bill and Sylvia following close behind. There's a large storm with high winds (20 to 35 knots from the southeast) predicted to hit the area on Thursday but, for now, the weather continues to be beautiful and we had another incredible passage to the dock at Chatterbox Falls where we'll spend the next week or so tied up across from Salubrious.

It was clear last night and as the full moon rose above the mountains you could see the shadow being cast on the granite cliffs opposite the basin as if it were daylight. It was nothing short of spectacular and brought the promise of another beautiful day...which it was.  We had blue skies and sunshine all around –the perfect opportunity for Sylvia and me to air up the kayaks and paddle about doing our best to absorb our wholly overwhelming surroundings while Bill and David stayed on the dock and took a look at Salubrious' batteries and charging system – hardly what one would call a fair trade.

We finished the day off aboard Cambria where Sylvia and I did what we could to make it up to the guys at dinner with a little R &R (red meat and red wine).  Unfortunately, it caused more work for David as he's the official Chef de BBQ and Chief Dishwasher, but it was a great evening nonetheless and we all enjoyed catching up with each other and recounting our cruising experiences from this summer. Unfortunately, Bill and Sylvia spent four weeks in a boat yard in Nanaimo having emergency work done on the boat. In fact, they only came into Pender Harbour because they'd remembered that we'd said that we were going to the jazz festival and hoped to see us – and we're so glad that they did!

The past few days have been gorgeous but that will change tomorrow. The barometer's been falling steadily and the sky is filling in with dark clouds bringing the promise of rain. As much as we enjoy the fine weather, being in Princess Louisa Inlet when it rains is impressive and we're looking forward to seeing more of her many personalities over the next few days. Surely, she won't let us down....

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