Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Monday, September 27, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Cambria and Salubrious alone at the dock.

As promised, the rain set in on Thursday giving life to more than sixty waterfalls in the basin alone as it continued for five days. Each moment was different from the last: an ever-changing scene with low clouds and fog moving down the inlet, catching itself on a tree to hang for a moment before slipping past the falls and through the gap above Chatterbox – all subject to the whim of the breeze or the rain. There were a few breaks in the weather, when a patch of blue sky would peak out from behind the clouds throughout the days, but the rain would always return to feed the falls – just as nature intended.

Being here – in your own home – eludes description as Princess Louisa is beyond simply's sacred.   You're constantly humbled by the sheer granite walls which dwarf you as they rise more than 6,000 feet from the depths of the sea and the chalky, white waterfalls that plunge into the mirror-like water – a gentle reminder that we're mere mortals whose time, unlike theirs, is limited to a few short years on this earth.  But nothing compares to being the only people here, which we were for twenty-four glorious hours – to walk the completely deserted trails; to stand before Chatterbox, alone, as it crashes into the water after making its 1,600 foot decent down tiers of granite sending vibrations through your body; to feel as if you're the last people on the face of the earth...that is, until the next boat arrives.

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