Desolation Sound the Inside Passage

Teakerne Arm, West Redonda Island

Friday, September 10, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

We woke up early Monday morning to rain and fog so, not being too pressed for time, we went back to bed and spent one more leisurely day in Shoal Bay before finally leaving for the year Tuesday morning.

We upped anchor around eight and brought the boat over to the dock to say good-bye to Mark and Roger – the last men standing. Mark came aboard for a cup of tea and told us that we're now part of the Shoal Bay family – regulars, so to speak. We were both happy to hear it and are looking forward to returning next season to a place we've all come to love and feel at home.

Around nine o'clock, we untied from the dock and made our way down to the Dent and Yuculta Rapids. Once through, we continued south to Teakearne Arm and back to Great Sex Cove for a couple of, what turned out to be, glorious days of blue skies and sunshine.

On Wednesday, we dinghied over to the government dock and hiked up to Cassel Lake, this time wearing our swimsuits. I managed to get up enough nerve to jump in and quickly regretted it. The water was freezing! And not refreshing at all. David was the smart one. He stayed on the rocks and watched me turn blue.

Back on the boat, it was life as usual – small boat chores, knitting and the guitar – as the next weather system moved through holding us hostage inside Thursday and Friday with rain, which was just as well. David had pulled a muscle in his lower back Wednesday afternoon while adjusting the solar panels and needed the down time to recuperate.

The summer's clearly over and the fall weather patterns have established. We're seeing fewer and fewer days of settled weather so it's time to start making our way further south, out of Desolation Sound, and on to the Sunshine Coast which, unfortunately, is also known as the Rainy Coast during the off-season.

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