Poulsbo Puget Sound

Moving Out and Moving North

Wednesday, May 11, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The first of May is moving day at the Port of Poulsbo and most boats in temporary moorage left leaving us behind to finish up a few projects.  Our first day at anchor didn't  turn out to the be until the fourth, and it was sunny with blue skies making the adjustment an easy one.  Mount Rainier was looming over the bay as were the Cascades and, of course, the Olympics.  The fine weather didn't last long, but we're beginning to see a softening in the spring storms – summer may actually be on her way after all.

We were scheduled to haul-out for regular maintenance and a valuation survey in Port Townsend on the tenth, so we left Poulsbo Saturday morning for Coon Bay where our friends, Jeff and Karry Bice, have a dock in their backyard.  It was a good passage with the wind and current from behind, and we saw a little bit of everything weather-wise – rain, fog and wind – giving us a good introduction to the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, the Travelift in Port Townsend ended up with a shredded tire early in the week and a new one had to be ordered.  It's not due to arrive until Thursday afternoon when they'll have it mounted and replaced pushing our haul-out back to Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Always the generous hosts, Jeff and Karry told us we could stay as long as we needed, so we tucked in down below and watched it rain all day – maybe the delay is going to work in our favour!

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