Admiralty Inlet Boat Maintenance

Port Townsend

Sunday, May 29, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Cambria going back in the water.

We went back into the water on Monday morning and spent the better part of the week scratching our heads trying to decide what's next.  Of course we had a little help in the matter when we woke up Tuesday morning to find someone had hit our truck, moving it a couple of feet in the process - this would be the third time since we've owned it.  But, like they say, the third time's a charm and at least we found a note from the police on the windshield.  Apparently,it happened at 2:30 am when the driver fell asleep at the wheel –in a parking lot.   I guess she woke up in a hurry.  The good news is that her insurance company will pay for the repairs ($1400), unlike our previous experiences where the driver didn't have the decency to leave their name.

With the day wasted to dealing with insurance companies and getting an estimate, our departure was set back.  But it worked out in the end.  A patch of bad weather moved through the area, so we used the time to drive down to Poulsbo to say good-bye to friends and pick up a few last minute items before finally upping anchor this morning and making way for Garrison Bay on San Juan Island - the official start of our 2011 cruising season!

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