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Nodales Channel to Shoal Bay

Friday, June 24, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Looking up Nodales Channel to Frederick Arm.

We woke up to a much better morning and upped anchor at noon to make our way through Upper and Lower Rapids for Shoal Bay – 10 nautical miles as the crow flies but 24 by boat.  The most surprising event of the trip came as we travelled up Nodales Channel and Frederick Arm came into view.  We could hardly believe the amount of remaining snow this late in the year providing more evidence of a difficult winter and spring . . . La NiƱa strikes again.

We arrived Shoal Bay around 3:30 pm and, once the boat was safely anchored, we dinghied over to the dock where we saw Kelly who had just finished working for the day.  Mark and his new bride, Cynthia,are having another house built and Kelly's the last man standing –everyone else having deserted him.  Okay, so they were high school students doing a class project and school's now out of session, but still....

Sally remembered where we were and immediately made herself at home running down the wharf almost forgetting to turn around to make sure her people were still with her.  Once she saw we were following, she carried on to the front lawns where she frolicked for the next three or four hours.   It's always nice to see her acting like a dog.  But Nadine, one of the neighbours, saw a cougar in their garden last week, so Sally won't be allowed to roam too far on her own this trip and I won't be able to do any hiking up to the lookout – something I had been really looking forward to.

David and I continued up to the pub to say hello to Linda giving me the strangest feeling.  It's been nine months since we were last here, but it could have just as easily have been yesterday.  Or at least it feels like it was yesterday – as if no time had passed at all.  Boy, do I wish that were true.

Mark, Cynthia and Roger are in Campbell River picking up provisions and were due back tonight but didn't show.  We waited around until after seven enjoying the view up Phillips Arm where, again, the amount of remaining snow pack surprised us, and having a couple of beers before going back to Cambria for the night.  A great ending toa really good day – it's nice to be back.

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