Princess Louisa Inlet the Sunshine Coast

The Stanley Cup

Wednesday, June 15, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Stephanie, winner of the Stanley Cup, with Leah.

It rained most of the day again yesterday and the barometer started to drop (1021 MB to 1020 MB to 1019 MB this morning) showing showers which means we only have about 36 hours of fine weather to enjoy.  And today was one of them.

The dock cleared this morning with the exception of He's Dreamin' (Leah and Ray from Nanaimo) and Seaweed (Sandy and Loren from Sidney), so we walked the boat down to our regular spot – at the end where it's quieter and there's a better view of the falls.  Our boat always attracts a lot of attention and, with that attention, comes a regular slew of questions: are you really from the UK? you're a long way from home, aren't you? did you sail from England?  Once we explain we aren't the original owners and we bought Cambria in New Zealand, it leads to another long and, because I've either heard or repeated it a hundred times, boring story which neither of us is up to repeating right now.  Being at the end will cut down on that even though most of the questions about the boat this trip have been about the solar panels.

Come to find out, everybody left to watch the final game of the Stanley Cup in Egmont (Vancouver versus Boston in Vancouver).  Fools!  They travelled 80 nm round-trip, spent time here when it was raining only to leave on the best day!  But none of us who remained minded. It was beautifully quiet.  Ming had left on Monday.   No tour boats came in.  No float planes landed.  It was if we were the only people left on earth – just the way we like it.

With nothing better to do than relish the view, David and I went out in the kayaks after lunch for a paddle.  Never able to get enough of the sun, I floated around all afternoon just enjoying the serenity while David went back to the boat after an hour or so and pulled out the guitar.

When 5 o'clock rolled around, we sat on the dock with Leah and Ray to listen to the game on satellite radio (one of the best additions to the boat we've made over the years) and were later joined by Sandy and Loren, an interesting couple.  Princess Louisa Inlet is their favourite place so, for years, they've been coming in the spring and staying until it gets too crowded – which is fast approaching.  They arrived on April the 8th and spent the following two months in rain with the first glimpse of fine weather appearing last week.  As much as we love it here, it's not something we could or would want to do ourselves.

None of us were really interested in the game aside from the final score –me for Boston because I was born near there and have memories of watching the Bruins on TV with my father as a little girl, and everyone else for the Canucks.   It was getting chilly, so we parted ways to make dinner.  The Bruins won the game four to nil and I was the lucky recipient of the Stanley Cup Leah had made out of cans and a small cup (elementary teachers are the best!). Again.  The ones who left were foolish.  But I'm sure they'd disagree had the outcome been better.

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