Desolation Sound

Pendrell Sound

Tuesday, July 12, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Mount Addenbroke at sunset.

It was David's turn to be sick yesterday and he spent most of the day napping but, with both of us feeling better today, we left Walsh Cove this afternoon and made our way down Waddington Channel for Pendrell Sound. T he water here is very deep with little tidal flow or currents helping the temperatures reach 78º F in the height of summer.  Today it's only 66.7º F, but that's enough to keep the boat warm in the morning.

When we turned the corner, there was a nice inflow breeze, so David unfurled the jib and shut down the motor – our second sail of the season!  We only made an average of three knots, but it was beautifully quiet and a nice way to appreciate and enjoy the sites before reaching the head of the sound and dropping our anchor for the night where we had a lovely view of Mount Addenbroke.

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