Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Quadra Island

Saturday, July 23, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Rebecca Spit Marine Park.

We spent the past three nights anchored in Rebecca Spit Marine Park:  One of British Columbia's oldest and most popular marine parks (the main reason we've avoided it until now...and regrettably so).   It's absolutely beautiful – the quintessential Pacific Northwest beach –with gently sloping beaches piled high with driftwood and granite rocks with trails that travel one end of the spit to the other through the protection of evergreen trees and end in an open field with picnic tables that line the shore.  Sally loved it and wanted to spend hours exploring and playing on the beach quickly forgetting her age, which is fast approaching fifteen, making it another favourite anchorage of mine.

The wind blew a bit Wednesday and Thursday bringing some rain with it and making for wet dinghy rides to and from nearby Heriot Bay where there's a hotel, pub and a small grocery store, but giving us a nice sail into the anchorage. I had hoped to do laundry while we werehere so that we could get back to Desolation Sound, but they only have two washers operating at the hotel and I haven't touched it since we were in Refuge Cove more than four weeks ago, so it's off to Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island where they have six machines ready for action.

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