Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Quadra Island

Saturday, July 30, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Salubrious at anchor in Drew Harbour.

I took Sally to shore this morning and nearly drowned her at the dock.  Okay.  So that's a slight exaggeration, but she did end up in the water for the first time in more than seven years.  It happened so quickly that the details are a little fuzzy, but she jumped from the dinghy when we were still three or four feet away…maybe more.  Out of instinct or reflex, I locked her retractable leash and her paws never touched the wood: She would have made it if I hadn't interfered.   It got a little scary as the dinghy pressed her close to the dock and almost went over her head, but I was able to grab her harness and pull her back into the boat safely earning the saltwater shake she had in store for me.  She was a little panicked at first, but the minute her feet touched solid ground, all was her, at least. I, on the other hand, still feel awful.

Later in the morning, we upped anchor along with Salubrious and made our way to Rebecca Spit for a couple of nights.  It was a sloppy ride with a short chop on our beam but, once we turned the corner into Drew Harbour, the water was calm.  We dropped our hooks next to each other and got ready to dinghy over to Heriot Bay (the purpose of our stop – food) when, no sooner than David had asked me if I wanted to pack a rain jacket, it started to rain (I, of course, had said that I didn't think I needed one).  So he took a nap while I worked on a knitting project and Heriot Bay waited until tomorrow.

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