the Discovery Islands the Inside Passage

Shoal Bay, East Thurlow Island

Saturday, July 02, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

So much for the barometer and Environment Canada's forecast.  The last three days have been miserable.  Beyond miserable.  Cold.  Wet.  Dreary.  These are the days we don't blog about.   The rainy ones.  The days where you're ready to throw it all away in search of sunshine and warmth.  The days where the heater runs from morning to night.  The generator for hours at a time.  Everything is wet – inside and out.  Wet dog.   Wet clothes.   Wet dinghy.  Wet people. Stuck inside for hours at a time.  Days at a time.  Feeling more like late-September more than the first of July.  It was enough to convince us.  The weather north of the Broughtons is even worse with local temperatures around 55ยบ F and 95% humidity, so Fitz Hugh Sound in the Queen Charlotte's will have to wait.   Right now, we need summer in the worst way, so we've decided to go back down to Desolation Sound.  But not before the pig roast tomorrow.

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