Desolation Sound

Toba Inlet

Sunday, July 10, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Toba Inlet

The alarm went off at 4:30 am.  And again at 4:35 am.  And at 4:40 am.  Finally dragging us out of bed around 5:30 am.   I had been sick the night before and was tired.  Very tired.  More tired than I had any right to be, as David would say.  But we managed to up anchor by 6:00 am, before signs that anyone else in the anchorage was awake, and made way for Toba Inlet: a classic glacier-carved fjord surrounded by beautiful high peaks, ice fields, milky green water, spectacular waterfalls and reminiscent, we're told, of the inlets north of Cape Caution – in other words, a little taste of what we're missing this season.

I'd never had much interest in exploring Toba Inlet, but it was well worth the trip as it extends 20 miles into the 8,000-foot-high Coastal Mountains until it ends in drying flats at the mouth of the Toba River.  We would have liked to explore the river by dinghy further into the mainland, but it's Indian Reserve and visitors aren't welcome without prior permission.  So we just tried to enjoy the view from the boat and overlook the large logging operation, but it wasn't long before the noise won out and we made our way down-inlet and back to Walsh Cove for the night.

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