British Columbia Desolation Sound

Isabel Bay, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Tuesday, August 30, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The view of the Coast Mountains from Isabel Bay.

After spending another night in Susan Islets, we moved a couple of miles over to Isabel Bay (still in Lancelot Inlet) Monday morning and anchored in the southwest corner behind Polly Island leaving the other boats to the northern anchorage.  Yet another beautiful area, Isabel Bay is dotted with small islets begging to be explored by kayak and offers a stunning view of the Coast Mountains off in the distance.   The fact that we had the southern bay to ourselves was merely an added bonus to an already magical spot.

There's a boat anchored in the northern part of the bay called Ocean Frog whom we met in Walsh Cove last month and I chatted with them a bit this morning after I took Sally to shore and they told me about a trail that leads to Grace Harbour.  In need of stretching my legs, I went for a hike after lunch and met them on the trail on the way back.  She asked me if I had brought my bear whistle because they'd seen one the other day.  No, I hadn't.  Surely that's a piece of information I could have used before setting off on the trail.  But I did have my camera with me which seems to work well as bear repellent, so I wasn't too concerned.

David, who isn't an avid walker, stayed on the boat and took a look at the heater .  This morning I discovered moisture around the salon vent which is the front side of a sealed fan/cooling system on the heater.  I showed David and, yes, we have a leak.  And, no, he can't fix it.  The unit will have to be replaced.  And until then, we can't use it.  So he sent a text to Lance, our installer, in Sidney about ordering a replacement fan.  Until we're able to get to a place to pick it up, which would most likely be Pender Harbour in a few weeks, we're without a heater which is disappointing to say the least.  And wouldn't you know it, there's a cold front over the Queen Charlotte's and the day was much cooler than the past week.  With the boat sitting at 59°F this morning, a touch of heat would have been nice.

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