Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park

Monday, August 15, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Rebecca Spit Marine Park.

With another three days spent at Rebecca Spit, it was time to up anchor and part ways with Salubrious who have a local electrician coming out tomorrow to (hopefully) fix their issue once and for all.

Our time in Quadra was short, but well spent.  Thinking I needed a dayout (and there was probably some merit to that thought), David planned a trip to Campbell River on Friday, so we dinghied over to Heriot Bay in hopes of catching a shuttle to Q-Cove, on the opposite side of the island, where the ferry makes a ten minute crossing tothe city.  There isn't a shuttle so we had to settle for a taxi and, CA$21 later (OUCH), we were queuing up.  We walked around the downtown area in search of a tobacconist (which we never found), had lunch (which I couldn't eat because I had ordered so badly) and bought a few provisions (including a nice can of dog food and a couple of pig ears for the birthday dog who turned 15 that day) before going back to Quadra and Heriot Bay.  It was nice that he tried but, the truth is, it was never going to be a good day with my mind focused on my sister and Steven Michael's 25th birthday party.

Last night, Bill and Sylvia invited us to dinner at Heron's Restaurant at The Heriot Bay Inn to say thank you to David for his help.  It was delicious and unnecessary, but very much appreciated.  A group of twenty locals bought the inn in 2006 with a vision to maintain, manage and develop the property locally and with local products and man-power.  Since then, they've made several improvements by addressing deferred maintenance and renovations and have tried to ensure that the inn hasbeen allowed to achieve her full potential.   Not having seen the property before the take-over, it's difficult to know just what they've accomplished but, shortly after taking over, the inn saw profits for the first time in years.  All we can attest to is that the food is excellent, the atmosphere is amazing (old world meets the Pacific Northwest) and the service is exceptional.  It was a really nice evening and a wonderful way to say good-bye.

The laundry hamper is full again so, before going into Desolation Sound Marine Park, we made the short trip across Sutil Channel over to Gorge Harbour for the night.  It was busy and I had to wait to use the machines, but I managed to finish three loads before dinner so we can be on our way again in the morning.  Next stop: Mansons Landing Marine Park … or exactly where we started more than two weeks ago!

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