Desolation Sound

Wooten Bay

Wednesday, August 24, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Cambria at anchor in Wooten Bay.

At the north end of Grace Harbour there's a grassy clearing with campsites and a half-mile trail that leads to an upland lake – one of the reasons we chose this anchorage.  The days continue to be warm with temperatures in the boat reaching 79°F by late-afternoon but, as tempting as a freshwater swim is in this heat, we opted to stay away from the lake when we read that garter snakes thrive along the trails and shoreline where they can be seen slipping into the water for a swim – along with the leaches – and paddled around the harbour in the kayaks instead stopping along the way to enjoy the shade of the tall firs, spruce and cedar trees which line the shore and to imagine what life was like for the hundreds of First Nations who made this their winter home.

We're not in a hurry but found no reason to linger in Grace Harbour so, after only one full day, we upped anchor this morning and moved down to Lancelot Inlet and Wooten Bay for the night where we had the anchorage to ourselves along with a nice breeze passing through the boat which makes the heat bearable and less stressful for Sally (the downside to a well-protected anchorage is that you don't see much wind and Grace Harbour would be considered a hurricane hole).  As has become our habit this season, we launched the kayaks after lunch and explored the area before returning to the boat to enjoy a quiet evening aboard.

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