British Columbia Desolation Sound

Galley Bay

Friday, September 02, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Sunset in Galley Bay.

When I took Sally to shore this morning, she hurt her front-right paw.  I'm not really sure what happened because I was tying up the dinghy, but I saw her walking away and heard her cry out in pain.   Although a bit slower than usual, she seemed fine until we got back to the boat: it was clear that she was limping and would need to rest more the next couple of days.

We left Isabel Bay after lunch and made water along the way down Okeover Inlet.  The chart was more promising than the reality of the area,so we turned around after a short while and left for Galley Bay, on the outside of Malaspina Inlet, in search of a quiet anchorage.

Galley Bay is a sheltered nook on the east side of Zephine Head in Desolation Sound.  In 1967 Carl Bloom, whose family owned the lot, quit university and returned “home” to think things through.  He was joined by a number of other idealistic young people, including some US draft dodgers, all searching for themselves.  They scavenged building materials from other places and built seven cabins, including a communal kitchen.  One person had money, so he paid the taxes while the rest “grooved on the sunset”.  At one time there were thirty or forty people living there, far more than the property could sustain with food or water.  With no strong belief system ,there was nothing to hold people together, and they eventually left, one by one. No evidence of the commune exists today but, rather, holiday homes line the southern shoreline on sixteen parcels of land that were the original homestead of Lot 2839 – the Bloom family siblings, whose parents bought the property from the family who originally pre-empted it, own the majority of shares.

Shortly after we anchored Bill (from Salubrious) called.  They're still in Rebecca Spit but plan to move to Campbell River on Monday where they have an appointment with an electrician set up for Tuesday.  David said he sounded discouraged and ready to give it all up and go home: we've been there ourselves, time and time again.   I wouldn't necessarily call myself “spontaneous”, but I have been known to pull an idea from out of the blue every now and again.  And, before I knew it, I was suggesting a trip over.  The more we thought about it, the more reasons we came up with to go so we'll up anchor in the morning and make way for Rebecca Spit – for the fourth time this season.

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